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3 uitgaven gevonden in Mark Gimenez

  • Con Law - Mark Gimenez (ISBN 9780751543810)

    Con Law


    Mark Gimenez

    The first in a new series from the author of international bestsellers }The Colour Of Law{ and }Accused{. Professor John Bookman investigates a murder in the high-stakes world of fracking... Meer
    Vanaf € 7,50
  • The Perk - Mark Gimenez (ISBN 9780751539677)

    The Perk


    Mark Gimenez

    Beck Hardin returns to his Texas hometown - and his estranged father - after the death of his wife leaves him with two children to raise. The town is still reeling from the murder of... Meer
    Vanaf € 6,00
  • Accused - Mark Gimenez (ISBN 9780751542240)



    Mark Gimenez

    Scott, it s Rebecca. I need you.' .After years of silence, Texan lawyer Scott Fenney receives a devastating phonecall from his ex-wife. She has been accused of murdering her Meer
    Vanaf € 6,50